Current Research Projects

Sl Year Name & Designation Name of the research project
01. Mr. Mohammad Aminul Ahsan
Assistant Professor, CENURC
Intellectual and activism of the contemporary Islamic movements in Bangladesh and their National
02. Mr. Mohammad Azizul Haque
Assistant Professor, ELL
Sociolinguistic and Cultural Impact of English Lexis on Bengali in Bangladesh
03. Mr. Md. Ridwan Goni
Assistant Professor, Law
Efficacy of the system of administration of criminal justice in Bangladesh: with special reference
04. Mr. Nazamul Hoque
Associate Professor,DBA
The impact of Corporate social responsibility programs of Islamic and conventional business
05. Mr. Muhammad Rafiqul Hoque
Assistant Professor, CENURC
Shalishi system at Union level in Bangladesh: an analysis from Shuratic perspective
06.Mr. Mohammad Aman Ullah
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIUC

Sentiments Analysis from Multimodal Sentiments of Social Media Data Using Concept-based Approach
07. Mr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIUC Exploratory Decision Making Recommendation System in the E-Commerce Application Domain of On-line Services
08.Mr. Md. Mahi Uddin
Associate Professor, DBA, IIUC

Work-life Balance of Women in Commercial banks in Bangladesh: The Moderating Impact of Gender
09.Mr. Mohammad Zahid Hossain Bhuiyan
Assistant Professor, DBA, IIUC

Motivational and Sociological Factors Influencing Entrepreneurships in Bangladesh: In Search of a Theory of Islamic and Social Enterprise Economics
10.Mr. Md. Manjur Hossain Patowari
Assistant Professor of Law, IIUC

Efficacy of Civil Justice System in Bangladesh with Special Reference to the Family Matters
11.Mrs. Farhana Yasmin Chowdhury
Additional Director, FAC, IIUC

Perception of Teachers and Students on English Speaking Environment: A Study on Leading Private Universities in Bangladesh
12.Mr. Mohammad Humayun Kabir
Associate Professor of ELL, IIUC

Testing as an Instrument for Bringing about Change in Language Education: Investigating the wash back Effect of the Bangladeshi English Exams/EFL Tests
13.Mr. Mohammad Toufiqur Rahman
Assistant Professor of DBA, IIUC

The Influence of Promotion Mix on Different Social Classes of People in Bangladesh – An Exploratory Study
14.Mr. Mohammad Shyfur Rahman Chy.
Assistant Professor, DBA, IIUC

Study on Homogeneous & Isotropic Cosmologies & Conformally Coupled Scalar Field Solutions
15.Mr. Sirajul Arefeen
Additional Director, VC Office, IIUC

Ethical behavior of tertiary level students of Islamic and conventional universities in Bangladesh: A comparison
16.Mr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Additional Director, SDSWD, IIUC

Personal characteristics and creative performance of Private University officers in Bangladesh: The impact of leader-member exchange
17.Mr. Md. Iqbal Hosain
Assistant Professor, ELL IIUC

The Nativization of English in Bangladesh: An Investigation into How English has undergone changes ic contact6 with Bengali and its culture
18.Mohammed Sarwar Alam
Associate Professor, ELL, IIUC

Moulding of Modern Self and Identify Formation in South Asis: Revisiting Two Literary Narratives from the Perspective of Islamic Worldview (Tagore’s Gora and E.M. Forester’s A Passage to India )
19.Muhammad Safiur Rahman, Associate Professor, ELL, IIUC Perception of evil in human nature and the presentation of it in the major tragedies of Shakespeare: A Study in the light of two Surahs of the Holy Quran
20.Md. Eftekhar Uddin, Associate Professor, ELL, IIUC Affordance of blended learning approach with learning management system in maximizing learning & teaching effectiveness at tertiary level in Bangladesh: A Case Study