Science Olympiad-2020

Bachelor Of Arts (Hons.) In English Language & Literature (ELL)

Summary of the Courses:

Name of the CoursesNo of CoursesTotal Credit Hour
a) University Required Courses1113
b) Interdisciplinary Courses412
c) Major Courses35104
d) Viva Voce [ENG - 4800]2

University Required Courses:

SL.Course TypeCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit HourContact Hour
1BasicURAL-1101Elementary Arabic OR13
2BasicURQS-1101Quranic Studies in Text and Translation
3BasicURAL-1202Intermediate Arabic OR13
4BasicURHS-1202Hadith Studies in Text and Translation
Total4 Courses26
1Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-1101Islamic Aqidah11
2Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-1203Introduction to Ibada11
3Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-2303Introduction to al-Quran & al-Sunnah12
4Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURMW-2401Muslim World View22
5Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-2405Dealings and Behaviour in Islam11
6Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-3505Government and Politics in Islam11
7Aqidah & Islamic StudiesURIS-3607Biography of the Prophet (Saw)12
Total7 Courses810
1History URIH-4701History of Khilafah upto 125812
2History URBS-4802Bangladesh Studies22
Total2 Courses34
Grand Total:13 Courses1320

    Major and Interdisciplinary Courses:

    SL.Major-Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursContact Hours
    1.ENG-1100Introduction to the English Language23
    2.ENG-1103Socio - Political History of England Ð I33
    3.ENG-1104Introduction to the Study of Literature Ð I33
    4.ENG-1105History of Intellectual and Philosophical Ideas-I33
    5.ENG-1208Socio - Political History of England Ð II33
    6.ENG-1209Introduction to the Study of Literature Ð II33
    7.ENG-1210History of Intellectual and Philosophical Ideas-II33
    8.ENG-1214Writing - I [Basic Writing]33
    9.ENG-2311English Poetry from Anglo-Saxon period to the Renaissance33
    10.ENG-2314Greek and Latin Classics in Translation33
    11.ENG-2315English Novel Ð I (Pre 19th century)33
    12.ENG-2317English Poetry: The Romantics33
    13.ENG-2318Writing - II [Advancing Writing Skill]33
    14.ENG-2416English Drama Ð The Renaissance33
    15.ENG-2417English Prose Ð 17th Century33
    16.ENG-2420English Poetry Ð 17th & 18th Centuries33
    17.ENG-2421English Poetry Ð The Victorians33
    18.ENG-3519English Drama Ð Shakespeare33
    19.ENG-3520English Prose Ð 18th & 19th Centuries33
    20.ENG-3521American Transcendentalists33
    21.ENG-3522English Novel Ð II33
    22.ENG-3623American Novels33
    23.ENG-3624English Drama Ð Jacobean and Restoration33
    24.ENG-3625Modern English Novel33
    25.ENG-3626New Writings in English33
    26.ENG-3627Writing - III [ Business Writing ]33
    27.ENG-4727English Language Teaching - I (ELT-I)33
    28.ENG-4728Modern Drama33
    29.ENG-4729Selections from American Poetry33
    30.ENG-4730English Literary Criticism-I33
    31.ENG-4831English Literary Criticism-II33
    32.ENG-4832Modern English Poetry33
    33.ENG-4833American Drama33
    34.ENG-4834Critical Theory33
    35.ENG-4835English Language Teaching-II (ELT Ð II)33
    Total 35 Courses104105
    SL.Inter Disciplinary CoursesCourse TitleCredit / Contact Hour
    1CSE-2301Introduction to Computer (Excepting CSE/CCE students)3
    2CSE-2402Micro Computer Application-I (Excepting CSE/CCE students)3
    3CSE-3503Micro Computer Application-II (Excepting CSE/CCE students)3
    4ECON-3501Principles of Economics (Excepting DBA students)3
    5ECON-2401Introduction to Islamic Economics3
    Total:5 Courses12

      ELL Semester wise course and Credit:

      SL.Semester Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HourContact Hour
      11st SemesterENG-1100Introduction to English Language23
      21st SemesterENG-1103Socio -Political History of England – I33
      31st SemesterENG-1104Introduction to the Study of Literature – I33
      41st SemesterENG-1105History of Intellectual and Philosophical Ideas-I33
      51st SemesterURAL-1101Elementary Arabic OR13
      1st SemesterURQS-1101Quranic Studies in Text and Translation
      61st SemesterURIS-1101Islamic Aqidah11
      Total :6 Courses1316
      SL.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HourContact Hour
      12nd SemesterENG-1208Socio-Political History of England – II33
      22nd SemesterENG-1209Introduction to the Study of Literature – II33
      32nd SemesterENG-1210History of Intellectual and Philosophical Ideas-II33
      42nd SemesterENG-1214Writing - I [Basic Writing]33
      52nd SemesterURAL-1202Intermediate Arabic OR Hadith Studies in Text and Translation13
      62nd SemesterURIS-1203Introduction to Ibadah11
      Total:6 Courses1419
      13rd SemesterENG-2311English Poetry from Anglo-Saxon period to the Renaissance33
      23rd SemesterENG-2314Greek and Latin Classics in Translation33
      33rd SemesterENG-2315English Novel –I (Pre 19th century)33
      43rd SemesterENG-2317English Poetry: The Romantics33
      53rd SemesterENG-2318Writing - II [Advancing Writing Skill]33
      63rd SemesterCSE-2301Introduction to Computer33
      73rd SemesterURIS-2303Introduction to al-Quran and al-Sunnah11
      Total:7 Courses1919
      14th SemesterENG-2416English Drama – The Renaissance33
      24th SemesterENG-2417English Prose – 17th Century33
      34th SemesterENG-2420English Poetry – 17th & 18th Centuries33
      44th SemesterENG-2421English Poetry – The Victorians33
      54th SemesterURMW-2401Muslim World View22
      64th SemesterURIS-2405Dealings and Behaviour in Islam11
      74th SemesterCSE-2402Micro Computer Application- I33
      Total:7 Courses1818
      15th SemesterENG-3519English Drama – Shakespeare33
      25th SemesterENG-3520English Prose – 18th & 19th Centuries33
      35th SemesterENG-3521American Transcendentalists33
      45th SemesterENG-3522English Novel – II33
      55th SemesterCSE-3503Micro Computer Application- II33
      65th SemesterURIS-3505Government and Politics in Islam11
      75th SemesterECON-3501Principles of Economics33
      Total:7 Courses1919
      16th SemesterENG-3623American Novels33
      26th SemesterENG-3624English Drama – Jacobean and Restoration33
      36th SemesterENG-3625Modern English Novel33
      46th SemesterENG-3626New Writings in English33
      56th SemesterENG-3627Writing - III [ Business Writing ]33
      66th SemesterURIS-3607Biography of the Prophet (Saw)12
      Total:6 Courses1617
      17th CoursesENG-4727English Language Teaching – I (ELT-I)33
      27th CoursesENG-4728Modern Drama33
      37th CoursesENG-4729Selections from American Poetry33
      47th CoursesENG-4730English Literary Criticism-I33
      57th CoursesURIH-4701History of Khilafah upto 125812
      Total:5 Courses1314
      18th SemesterENG-4831English Literary Criticism-II33
      28th SemesterENG-4832Modern English Poetry33
      38th SemesterENG-4833American Drama33
      48th SemesterENG-4834Critical Theory33
      58th SemesterENG-4835English Language Teaching –II (ELT-II)33
      68th SemesterURBS-4802Bangladesh Studies22
      78th SemesterENG-4800Viva Voce20
      Total:7 Courses1917