The Proctorial Body


The Proctor's Office is an impartial and discrete institution within the University. The Proctor and its administration are trusted to ensure the safeguarding of the University.

The Office of the Proctor launched in 1995, is designed to maintain a healthy and smooth academic environment on the campus. The Proctor Team is formed with one faculty member as an Assistant Proctor from each Department along with the Proctor of the University, who is generally a senior faculty member of the University.

The team monitors the student's activities in different campus areas to maintain discipline, monitor social media activities that may hamper the academic environment, and ensure safety and security within the university premises. Any event organized under the university banner inside or outside the premises needs permission from the entity. The team organizes periodic sessions for awareness regarding various student disciplinary issues. Counselling in this regard is also a regular activity of the group.

Proctor acts as a member secretary of the Central Monitoring Cell of IIUC. The Cell keeps an eye on the activities related to the awareness against bullying, sexual harassment, terrorism or religious extremism, and the use possession of drugs through Departmental Monitoring Committees. In case of need after contacting the help of the guardians is also sought.

The Office of the Proctor discharges the duties and responsibilities mentioned in IIUC statutes to maintain a cordial atmosphere on the campus among the students, faculty members and staff. The team tries to solve the problems of the students, faculty members and staff and monitors the gatherings for any ill motives on the university premises.


Our mission is to promote a safe, respectful, and inclusive learning environment for all students by upholding the university's code of conduct and disciplinary policies. We are committed to educating students about their responsibilities as members of the university community, enforcing the code of conduct fairly and consistently, and providing support and resources to help students succeed academically and personally. Through collaboration with students, faculty, and staff, we aim to foster a culture of integrity, accountability, and responsible behavior that reflects the values of the university.


The vision of the Proctor Office is to create a safe campus, inclusive, and supportive student-faculty, and campus neighborhood community where all members can thrive. We strive to foster a culture of respect, integrity, and accountability, where everyone is valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. Feel empowered. Through active communication, education, and collaboration, we aim to promote responsible behavior, prevent misconduct, and support the holistic development of our students.


It is Discipline We Believe in

Specific Areas:

  • To take necessary steps to ensure the personal safety of students, teachers or employees of the university;
  • To maintain and safeguard the assets of the university;
  • To assist in solving non-academic disputes among the students with other students, faculty or admin;
  • To control unauthorized access to the university premises; and
  • To ensure that the IIUC Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures are properly followed.

The Proctor office role is to ensure the enforcement of the rules and regulations of the university. The Proctor’s Office is the first contact point to start disciplinary proceedings. It assesses and investigates complaints, and takes necessary steps, from counseling or issuing an official warning to referral to the Disciplinary Committee, depending on the gravity of the offenses and as per the advice of the Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee.

Message From the Proctor:

Welcome to the Proctor Office. The Proctor Office is the first contact point to start disciplinary proceedings. Our role is to create a safe campus, inclusive, and supportive student-faculty, and campus neighborhood community where all members can thrive. If you have any issues regarding personal safety and non-academic disputes, we are here to help you. We also take care of unauthorized access to the university premises, safeguard of the assets and compliance of the “IIUC Code of Conduct."

The security of a university is an essential prerequisite for a healthy atmosphere in academia. International Islamic University Chittagong has an efficiently organized Proctorial Body to maintain the overall discipline in the campus life by enforcing security policies of the university. Our aim is to create a peaceful academic ambience at the university. The present proctorial body under my jurisdiction is trying to ensure tight security over 175 acres of the campus. Pursuant to the government security policies, we have taken a firm line on drugs, terrorism and militancy in association with the local administration and law enforcing agencies. We keep the campus under constant surveillance through a network of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. Acts of violence and vandalism have been the rarest occurrence here at the university. The foreign students and teachers are taken into extra care. We receive complaints from all students about any security problems they are faced with and dispose them of in right earnest. As the proctor, I would love to offer my sincerest services to the students as and when they need.

The Proctorial Body

Mr. Md. Eftekhar Uddin
Associate Professor, ELL
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01688-424242 ,

Mrs. Sultana Akter
Assistant Proctor
Associate Professor, DBA
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01778-072103

Mr. Md. Mostafa Amir Faisal
Assistant Proctor
Assistant Professor, ETE
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01815-382718

Mr. Md. Amzad Hossain
Assistant Proctor
Assistant Professor, Dept. of EB, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01913-858754

Ms. Taslima Khanam
Assistant Proctor
Assistant Professor, Law
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01819-171206

Mr. Muhammad Nasir Uddin
Assistant Proctor
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Law, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01727-984327

Mr. Md. Khorshed Ali
Assistant Proctor
Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01711-047038,

Ms. Umme Sayema Tajkia
Assistant Proctor
Lecturer, Dept. of ALL, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01814-364022

Mr. Muhammad Raihan
Assistant Proctor
Lecturer, Dept. of EEE, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01829-986261

Mr. Md. Humayun Kabir
Assistant Proctor
Lecturer, Dept. of CCE, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01515-896984

Mr. Maruful Islam
Assistant Proctor
Lecturer, Dept. of DBA, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX-+8809613230505
Mobile: 01730-586340

Mr. Md. Mohsin
Assistant Proctor
Lecturer, Dept. of ETE, IIUC
Tel:IIUC PABX:+8809613230505
Mobile: 01866-824344

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Proctors’ Office is an impartial and discrete institution within the University. The Proctor and its administration are trusted to ensure the safeguarding of the University. In summary, the Proctor’s office oversees the following responsibilities;

  • Ensure all members of the University comply with existing University policies, statutes, and code of conduct through governance and administration,
  • Investigate violation and breach of university policies and code of conduct both academic and non-academic,
  • Ensure administration of the disciplinary management process,
  • Address all grievances and complaints,
  • Oversee disciplinary issues with regards to examinations and academic activities,
  • Serve on a number of university bodies and committees,
  • Oversee registration of student bodies and clubs.

The Proctor has general responsibility for students and staff safety and may work with the law enforcement authorities and other partners to ensure that our students and employees are safe and feel safe.

Our Current Activities:

We ensure all disciplinary actions are dealt with relevant and genuine evidence. Our area of duty includes both Academic and Non-academic matters. Upon obtaining, valid complaints will be processed through our designated departments for further investigation. We make sure every case is processed with integrity and in alignment with the University policies and guidelines.

Key Responsibilities and Specific Areas:

Academic Matters:
Academic Conduct – Assures that each and every student is indemnified in an area free of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Protect students from any sort of academic discrimination targeted towards them.
Student Complaints (Academic) – To give appropriate advice and support to the students and faculties wishing to make complaints about cheating, plagiarism, and misdemeanor.

Non-Academic Matters:
Student & Staff Conduct - Ensures that all students and staff can go about their activities and lives within the University environment without being subjected to inappropriate behavior by other students and members.
Student & Staff Complaints (Non-Academic) – Safeguards the students and staff regarding bullying, sexual harassment, ragging, threat, bribing, and serious criminal offenses.

Office of the Proctor

SL Name Designation Contact Email
1 S.M. Humayoun Kabir Azad Administrative Assistant Mobile: 01815188988