Planning & Development Division

Establishment of Permanent Campus of IIUC:
International Islamic University Chittagong was established in 1995. After the commencement of academic activities in rental premises at Chawkbazar, Chittagong, the authority took firm decision to establish its permanent campus in a suitable location. The IIUC authority i.e. Islamic University Chittagong Trust (IUCT) finally select the land at Kumira, 20 kilometer away from Chittagong city, for establishing its permanent campus. Creation of Planning and Development Division (P&DD): The construction works at permanent campus was started on 17th March 1999 by laying foundation of Academic Building # 1. The IUCT then formed a division named Engineering and Construction Division (ECD) to supervise the construction works of IIUC and later that division has been renamed as Planning and Development Division (P&DD).
The role of Planning and Development Division (P&DD):
Planning aspects:
P&DD prepare the Project Profiles of the proposed buildings for collecting foreign donations, which comprised of Project’s Summary, Estimated Cost, Architectural (perspective) View and Structural Drawings. Planning the future infrastructural requirements is the key responsibility of P&DD. In this connection, three Master Plans are finalized for three campuses i.e. (1) Permanent campus at kumira,

  • (2) Female Permanent campus at Chandgaon and
  • (3) Health Science campus at Shamser para.
Development aspects:
They are responsible to appoint contractors,sub-contractors for various construction works.In this connection, they prepare tender documents,take necessary steps to publish tender notice to the national daily news papers when necessary,sales/distributes tender schedule,opens tender,prepares comparative statement,issues work order to the selected contractors.
Within the last 10 years (1999-2009), total 20 buildings, 2 culverts & 3 kilometers HBB & BFS road are built and 6 deep tubewells are installed in the permanent campus. From the year 2005, IIUC has expanded its construction works gradually one after another. The construction works have been started in various locations such as 16 storied IIUC Tower project at Agrabad C/A, 20-storied Female Academic Building # 1 at female permanent campus, Chadgaon and 10-storied Hospital Building alongwith other 4 buildings at Health sceince campus, shamser para, Chandgaon.
The personnel of P&DD are mainly responsible to supervise, check and control the quality of all construction works at every location.
Personnel of P&DD :
The personnel of P&DD are mainly responsible to supervise, check and control the quality of all construction works at every location. At present the following personnel are working with Planning and Development Division (P&DD).

List of Employees of PDD

SL Name Designation Contact Email
1 Engr. Md. Iftekharul Alam Executive Engineer & Director (In-charge) Tel:+8802334461900-7, Mobile: 01314310988 iftekhar01813@gmail.com
2. Mr. Muhammad Mainul Islam Senior Assistant Director Tel: +8802334461900-7, IIUC PABX: Extn: 358, Mobile: 01830-088270, 01955-047252 minul2015@gmail.com
3. Mr. Abdur Rahman Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Mobile: 01883-541434 rabdur240@gmail.com
4. Mr. Salim Jahangir Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) Tel:+8802334461900-7, PABX Ext. 359 Mobile : 01814-324105, 01675-521214
5. Mr. A.H.M. Kamruzzaman Administrative Officer Phone: +8802334461900-7, Mobile: 01839-455355 kzaman.bd@gmail.com