Pro Vice-Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Md. Ali Azadi Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ali Azadi
Pro Vice-Chancellor
International Islamic University Chittagong

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Message from Pro Vice-Chancellor

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful
Dear Students,
Assalamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullah Wa-Barkathu

At first, I express my wholehearted gratitude to Almighty Allah (s.w.t) for His kind blessings bestowed on all of us. I am delighted to offer my heartiest welcome and congratulations to all new students of undergraduate program at the International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) for the excellent choice that they have made where every student is encouraged to reach his/her highest potential.

As a new student you will learn a lot about IIUC at the Orientation. This program is an opportunity for you to learn how to navigate campus and will introduce IIUC community. During the program you will begin to build a network of resources that will help you to start your IIUC journey on the right path. You will also learn tips from students, faculty and staff who will serve as your guides during your time at IIUC. Unlike most private Universities in Bangladesh, IIUC is blessed with a beautiful campus situated at Kumira, Chittagong, surrounded by gentle hills that carry a message of protection and perfection in beauty where both Teachers and Students can devote themselves to create Knowledge. This campus is also not very far from the Bay of Bengal but away from the bustle of the city. IIUC is not merely an examining body – It is primarily a “nursery to create good citizens”. We therefore emphasize the diffusion of scientific, technical and professional knowledge on the one hand, and building up of character in youth by making religion and ethics an integral part of education on the other. We aim to provide our students life-long foundation in values, ethics, and cultural understanding. IIUC has a distinct Mission and Vision which drives its objectives, motto, education policy and evaluation system .

A brief description on IIUC’s Mission, Vision, Objectives and Expectations are given below.
The Mission of the University is to produce through the pursuit of education properly trained up manpower to contribute to socio-economic development and moral upliftment of the society and to cultivate in our students expertise as well as ethical sensitivity, intelligence and an ability to think independently beyond their areas of study, so that they can sustain justice in all walks of life.

The Vision of the University is to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning to make this University as the Centre of Excellence in different areas of scholarship, like Shari’ah and Islamic Studies, Business Studies, Social Science, Science & Engineering, Arts & Humanities, Law, and such other faculties that will be introduced in future. Its door is open to the admission seekers from all over the world, regardless of race, region and religion. This university cherishes the dream of becoming one of the highest seat of learning and creator of knowledge in the South East Asia. The objective of the University:
a. To create a new generation of competent youths, who will be equipped with academic excellence, professional expertise and adorned with moral height. b. To follow a policy of continued Modernization of Knowledge and academic curricula in different disciplines of education so that its students can imbibe the true spirit of religious value as an effective guiding principle in their profession and daily life. The Motto of the University is to “Combine Quality with Morality”.

The Characteristics of IIUC and its Action Plan:
The characteristics of IIUC and its action plan for attaining the above mentioned Mission, Vision and Objectives can be summarized as follows:

Continuous Evaluation Process:

IIUC follow the Bi- Semester system of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) through self-examination and external review. It is a Continuous Evaluation Process. In this process students are evaluated throughout a course of study rather than exclusively by examination at the end. It is multidimensional based on student’s (a) attendance in the Classes; (b) performance in Assignments and Class Tests ,(c) Scores in the Mid-Term and the Final Examination (d) Lab. Reports, (e) Thesis/ Project/ internship,(f) Presentations (g) Viva-voce , (f) Industry visits (g) Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities. Under this system, a student must be very regular, work hard every day to ensure a high grade in each course. The continuous evaluation process automatically filters lazy and indifferent students with no real desire to seek knowledge from the active and aware ones. Viva-Voce helps a graduate to gain confidence in their own ability, and provides a final wake up call to take learning seriously.

Introducing an Integrated Education Policy:
The University is committed to the life-long success of students in its undergraduate and master’s programs through high-quality instruction and learning experiences. IIUC has Integrated Education Policy, where a student achieves holistic learning through awareness of his surroundings and other relevant knowledge bases. IIUC emphasizes the diffusion of scientific, technical and professional knowledge on the one hand, & building up of character in youth by making religion and ethics an integral part of education on the other. In this regard, there are some courses for the students of all Faculties at IIUC, which are not a part of the main curriculum of the Departments, but those are named as University Requirement Courses (URC). This will ensure to produce skilled graduates of rounded personality and broad outlook to meet future demand at home and abroad.

Morality Development program (MDP): One of the objectives of IIUC is to create a new generation of competent youths who will be equipped with academic excellence, professional expertise and be adorned with moral height. IIUC incorporates studies on the values of mutual respect & peaceful co-existence in the courses under the “Morality Development Program” which includes all students of the university irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Regular Orientation Process:
In an Integrated Education Policy, the students are not only offered some courses those need to be taken as graduation requirements; rather the student has to undergo regular training and an orientation process to identify his latent talent and to develop them through proper nursing, especially with a target to prepare himself for a future leadership role.

Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities: IIUC supports student participation in a broad array of Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities as an integral component of its commitment to student life and success. All Co and Extra-curricular activities are run by the clubs named after the Departments such as Computer club, Business club etc under the close supervision and monitoring of Students Affairs Division (STAD). Our students are advised to keep themselves in close contact with this Division.

Student Advisor: IIUC provides academic counseling, career and student welfare counseling by the Student Advisor of the respective section of students of each Semester.

An International Atmosphere:
IIUC has succeeded in attracting students from abroad with scholarship.Foreign students are graduating under the Faculties of Shariah & Islamic Studies; Science and Engineering, Business Studies, Arts & Humanities and Law. Presently about 200 students (both male & female) from China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Nigeria are studying in IIUC in different programs. We have a target to increase the provision for admitting foreign students up to 10%.

Financial Assistance to general Students:
IIUC offers generous financial support and fee waiver to its students under different categories. e.g.

  • i. Waiver on the basis of SSC & HSC results. (25% to 100%)
  • ii. Waiver to the wards of Freedom Fighters (up to 100%)
  • iii. Waiver on the basis of Semester result. (up to 75%)
  • iv. Waiver if two or more siblings/spouse studies at IIUC simultaneously. (up to 25%)
  • v. Waiver to the poor students (on case to case basis)
  • vi. Corporate waiver in EMBA program if certain number of officers is enrolled from a single organization.
  • vii. Apart from the above categories, a good number of IIUC students also enjoy scholarships at different rates, sponsored by Islamic Personalities or Organizations at home and abroad.

Facility for Studying abroad with Credit Transfer:
Many students have got Credit Transfer facility at different prestigious Institutions & Universities abroad. Some of them have even secured full scholarship upon proving their worth and satisfactory performance. To mention, some of these institutions are the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, various universities in USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden, and the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

Membership of prestigious organizations and signing up MoU with renowned institutions:
IIUC has succeeded in securing membership of prestigious organizations such as the Federation of the Universities of Islamic World (FUIW) under ISESCO and the Association of the Commonwealth Universities etc.

IIUC has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several Institutions of higher learning in Asia, South Asia, Africa, North America and the UK. IIUC has recently entered into a MoU with IEEE and succeeded to open an IEEE Students Branch under the Faculty of Science and Engineering. British Council Satellite Library has established at IIUC.

Agreement on PhD Collaboration between USIM and IIUC
A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed on 6 April 2014 between Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) and International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) to offer PhD Program of USIM for Bangladeshi incumbents under Special Scheme. As per the scheme, IIUC nominated candidates for admission and the qualified faculty members will be supervise by USIM and IIUC. Main supervisor will be the regular faculty members of USIM and USIM is the authority to award the Degree.

Separate arrangement for Female Students:
One unique feature of IIUC is the availability of a separate arrangement for the female students. Currently, more than 3000 (Three thousand) female students are studying at IIUC at a conducive environment in the separate buildings.

IIUC in the eye of the Muslim World & Islamic Scholars:
IIUC is regarded highly by various Muslim Organizations and Institutes. This is due to the fact that the expectation of the leaders of the Ummah from IIUC is very high. Many would like to see IIUC as a Center of Excellence in the contemporary Muslim world, and as such, they always try to contribute to the development of this University with all their abilities and sincerity.

Our Responsibilities:
In the context of the present situation, our responsibilities are many to IIUC, to our students, to the society, to the country and to the Ummah at large.

To the IIUC & its students: Our responsibilities to the IIUC and its students are:
  • 1. To equip ourselves with world class knowledge and high professional expertise to become not just professionally versatile individuals, but also individuals who can tackle the challenges of the contemporary world with global standard knowledge and expertise.
  • 2. To try to make students become good citizens equipped with all the basic human qualities and capable of being all-rounded personalities.
  • 3. To uphold morality and principles of ethics by ourselves and guide our students to attain that quality.
  • 4. To play for the students the role of a Mentor (Murabbi) and not just a Teacher.

7.2: Our responsibility to the society and Ummah is to present before the society a new generation of youths who are capable of taking up positions of leadership in various aspects and who can fill up the vacuum where the society has been suffering from for long and to play an active role in learning from the glorious past of the Ummah to build a brighter future for this century.

Dear beloved students,
Today our world is faced with unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities. New understandings of human behavior and the brain, along with advances in technology, have opened the door to remarkable new possibilities for teaching and learning, both face to face and online. In this regard you have to make best use of your time in the classroom and you shall have to connect people and intellectual resources beyond the classroom to enhance what happens inside it. So, develop a thirst for knowledge by taping the vast potentials of information technology and internet to keep you updated and informed of the current changes.

Do not feel that you are ever wasting anyone’s time pursuing your curiosity or your interest. That is what we are all here for. It’s a time to learn. It’s a time to expose yourself, as you likely will only do during this period in your lifetime, to ideas that are completely different from what you have done, what you have seen, perhaps even from what you will see. Of course life at university is much more than study. It is a time of enormous personal growth through new pursuits and the development of friendships. There is no more important responsibility for any of us as members of the faculty than teaching and working with the students of IIUC. I urge you to abide by the rules and regulations that govern student conduct because at the end of the day you can only have to blame yourselves if you do not achieve what you came to do in this University. Finally, I assure you that once you are ready to graduate; there will be a lot that remains in you for the rest of your life. Once again, I welcome all of you from the deepest core of my heart to be a student of IIUC. I wish you a sound health with the peace of mind and a successful life. Allah guides you all to the path of success.