Three coordination meetings on IQAC and Self Assessment

Three  coordination  meetings  on IQAC  and Self Assessment

Three coordination  meetings  on ”IQAC  and Self Assessment” with the teachers of  the (i) Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Faculty of Law and CENURC, (ii) Faculty of Business Studies and Faculty of Social Science and (iii)  Faculty of Science & Engineering  were  held at the IIUC Seminar Room on 30/04/17, 02/05/17and 03/05/17 respectively. More than 95% teachers attended these meetings. The meetings were presided over by the Deans of Faculties. Hon’ble Pro Vice-Chancellor & IQAC- Director, Prof. Dr.  Delawer Hossain presented power point discussions on  Aspects of the Culture of Academic Quality Work (AQW), Functions of IQAC, Outcomes of Self-Assessment in Quality Education and other aspects of AQW in a Semester.  He explained the purposes of Undergraduate Education, Development of Quality Assurance (QA) and urged all to be committed to rules and regulations at IIUC.


He also highlighted the importance of Program Educational Objectives (PEO), Program Learning outcomes (PLO), Course Objectives, Learning Objectives, Curriculum structure, Information on knowledge Dimension, and Significance of SA. For developing a culture in ‘Quality Education’, he requested all to be more self-conscious about quality and continuously involved in its improvement by self-competition. All have to share combined responsibility to improve Academic Quality Work (AQW) at IIUC.

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