History of CCE

The Computer & Communication Engineering department first started its journey in spring 1998/99 session with IEB accreditation and continued until spring 2009 session. In 1998-2009, this department produced three hundred eighty-two (182) graduates who are successfully serving the nation and contributing to build peaceful world. After 2009, Admission process in CCE were postponed due to the shifting the department from city campus to IIUC main campus, Kumira, Chittagong.Later CCE department restarted its journey in Spring-19, with 39 students again due to the availability of resources of IIUC & tremendous demand of the CCE graduates in the country as well as in abroad.

This department produces highly qualified and skilled computer and communication graduates. Over the years, this rapidly flourishing department has been providing the technical foundation, scholarly guidance and leadership skills to the undergraduate and postgraduate students who proved their potentiality at home and abroad. Major areas of specialties of CCE department are Software, Hardware, Networking, Computer Graphics & Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, System Analysis Design & Development, Information Systems Security, Research etc.